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IPZ-580 (English subbed) The Wretched Female Female Detective Aino Kishi. Aino-Kishi is a female investigator, whose husband got killed in a shootout with a criminal in front of her own eyes. From then on, the only thing in her mind is catching that criminal and she won’t stop at anything or care about any rules anymore. She even goes undercover into a local dangerous Yakuza group owned by Moribayashi-Kun.

The female investigator series is one of my favorites and Aino Kishi delivers one of the most solid acting performances I have seen for this series ever (Easily the best). She looks 100% believable because she usually acts in very different roles and attitudes, but she looked the part in here. Interpreting a girl who is badly hurt and hell-bent on obtaining revenge for his deceased husband
Thông tin nữ chính:
– Pornstars: Aino Kishi
– DVD ID: IPZ-580
– Release Date: June 13, 2015
– Runtime: 160min. (HD: 160min.)
– Director: Kyosei
– Studio: Idea Pocket
– Label: Dish
– s298-subjav-IPZ-580

IPZ-580 The Wretched Female Female Detective – Aino Kishi (subbed)
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